PrimoEats PESV01 Sous Vide Precision Cooker Immersion Pod Review

PrimoEats PESV01 Sous Vide Precision Cooker 

Primo Eats Sous Vide Stick

PrimoEats PESV01 is a new release stainless steel sous vide precision cooker / immersion pod with a sturdy construction that makes it resistant to impact, modern specs and features including a digital LCD display with temperature and timer buttons and displays, 8 liters per minute water circulator pump, a powerful 800 watt motor to create tasty restaurant quality meals quickly and easily. It runs quietly, precisely and evenly as the unit maintains an even liquid temperature through the water bath so each section of the ingredients cooks evenly. The LCD display is very large for a sous vide stick and has the power, temperature and timer buttons, current temperature and target temp/timer displays and you can view the temperature in Celcius and Fahrenheit. There is a selection wheel just under the display panel with a LED light that lights up when you’re using it.

It is easy to set up by simply attaching the mount at the edge of the pot, placing the sous vide device into the mount, turning it on and setting the time and temperature according to what you’re cooking. It includes an active control thermostat with precision temperature settıngs with plus and minus 1 degree Fahrenheit accuracy and the pump that helps the heated water move so you get the best results- evenly cooked meals consistently. You are recommended to clean and dry the device after each use but is very easy to clean and please keep it in a dry place. You will be able to make the best- tender and juicy steaks without needing any chef skills and you can sear it in a skillet on high heat after cooking. When you cook your steak or meal on a stove you can not control the heat precisely and it is quite challenging to make it at just the right doneness so it is more likely to be under or overcooked, but with an innovative sous vide cooking device such as the PrimoEats you will set the exact time and temperature and never go wrong.

Primo Eats Sous Vide Stick

It weighs only 3.5 pounds with the 16 x 8.4 x 4.2 inches- relatively compact and lightweight for anyone to handle. In the box, you will get the sous vide stick and the user manual that is easy to understand and follow and that includes the instructions and the warranty. You can cook pretty much anything with it, including steak, other red meat, chicken, turkey, pork, fish, seafood, veggies, eggs and even some desserts. It doesn’t include the Bluetooth functionality like some of the Anova sous vide models if you’ll need it at all. You may use regular ziplock plastic or foil bags with this unit and even better if you have a vacuum sealing unit. With the normal zip lock bags, place the ingredients in the bag, zip it nearly closed and put it in water, let the air out, close it and leave it in water. This unit has an 800-watt motor and will work with any pot, the only difference is it will take water shorter to heat up than larger pots. It runs very quietly and you will hardly hear anything, you can just set it and forget it and does the job well- cooks very tasty restaurant quality meals- is especially great for steaks. It comes with a year of warranty by the manufacturer, with hundred percent satisfaction guarantee which means if you’re not happy with the product you can return it and no questions will be asked, so you can have a peace of mind and purchase it with confidence.

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