PureNails PenailSet 7-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure System

PureNails PenailSet Nail Drilling System via Amazon

PureNails 7-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure System

PureNails PENAILSET is a professional grade powerful electric pedicure and manicure system- nail drill of 7 interchangeable pieces to help you get your hands and feet that great salon quality care. All seven attachments (callus rasp, flame milling cutter, cylindrical milling cutter, felt cone, coarse filing disc, fine filing disc, sapphire cone) are sapphire coated and they are designed to get rid of cuticles, shape your nails, smooth the calluses and more. The 100 to 240 volt long reaching  spiral spring AC Adaptor provides more speed and power than units that run on battery power and with two different speeds you can treat rough (higher speed) and more gentle- delicate (lower speed) areas comfortably. Its 6 feet long cord also helps and you have the option to use it clockwise and counter-clockwise. It includes an integrated LED light to illuminate the area you are working on so that you get better results. This is not just for women and is more like a unisex system and men and women can both use it.

PureNails 7-piece Pro Manicure and Pedicure System

Purenails Penailset is quite an impressive system that will let you do your nails on your own and it won’t matter if you are left or right handed as it is quite easy to use with the attachments provided and its lightweight, slim and compact ergonomic design. Nice looking vinyl carrying case will store the unit and attachments conveniently and is good for when you’re traveling. It doesn’t work on battery power and all you need is an electric socket and your get more power out of it this way and is quite easy and fun to use, just plug it in and select the right attachment for the nail job you’re going to do. You can file the edges, polish the surfaces, smooth off the cuticles and you will get very good results on both your finger nails and toes. If you add the cost of going to a salon to get your nails done, it will be likely to pay itself off in only a few times of use and you will actually never have to pay for manicure or pedicure. In the package you will get the electric nail drill, AC Adapter Cord, 7 attachments as well as the instructions for which attachment to use and the vinyl carrying case and all feels quite high end straight out of the box. It includes a two year warranty by Pure Enrichment so you can have that peace of mind.

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