Safeplus Portable Full-Automatic 10 lb. Load Washer & Spin Dryer with UV Light Review

Safeplus Portable Full-Automatic 10 lbs Load Washer & Spin Dryer 

Safeplus Portable Full-Automatic Washer

Safeplus Portable Full-Automatic Washing Machine is a compact washer and spinner in one with a 10-pound washing load capacity and integrated UV light. It is suitable for use in small apartments, RVs, dorms, camping and wherever space is limited.

As a number one new release compact washing machine it is one of the popular, best selling compact washer spinners at You have three lid color options to choose from, blue, pink and yellow, at the same price tag. With the preset full automatic washing and spinning cycles of different intensities and duration, it will save you on time and effort. And you can attend your other tasks around the house.

It offers deep cleaning and forward reverse cleaning in all directions with high frequency vibrations of the ultrasonic turbine. The dirty water of the washing is drained out easily with the integrated drain pump and drainage tube. The germicidal UV light gets sterilizes bacteria and gives your clothes deeper cleaning. You can plug it into a regular 120V wall outlet. The rated wash input power is 240 watts, spin input power is 210 watts and the inlet pressure is between 0.03 MPa and 0.85 Mpa.

It is compact, portable and lightweight, weighs 40 pounds and measures 16.5L x 16W X 29.5H inches. You can move it around easily by holding its carry handles within your house. It has a solid PP plastic body and a solid stainless steel rust-resistant drum that can hold up to 10 pounds of washing load at once. It has the adjustable legs to keep the washer even on the floor, imbalance adjustment function to adjust the balance of laundries in the drum, water inlet for easily filling the drum, lint filter and drain pump to get the dirty water out. 10 pounds is a decent capacity for the size of washer.

You can choose from 6 full-automatic programs of soak-wash-rinse-spin, wash-rinse, wash-rinse-spin, rinse-spin, just wash and just spin via the Wash push button. The three water levels you can choose via the switch is 16L(low), 23L(medium) and 30L(high). You’ll hear a beep sound/alarm if anything goes wrong during the washing. It will turn Safeplus Portable Full-Automatic 10 lbs Load Washer itself off automatically after the washing is complete or if you don’t press the Start/Pause button in ten minutes after you press the Power button. So it is safe to use in your house, with its smart features.

In the box you’ll get the washing machine, bottom cover, a water inlet hose with water inlet hose connector, 8 screws and the instructions manual. It doesn’t come with the wheels but is lightweight and easy enough to carry around and you probably wouldn’t need to get a dolly. The machine stops automatically after it fills with water, so you can leave the faucet on and the dirty water will drain into the sink. For the water intake through the kitchen sink faucet you may need to get a 3/8 adapter. It comes with a year of warranty by the manufacturer and can have a peace of mind for if anything goes wrong.

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