Senseo Philips 2016 Model New and Improved Original Coffee Maker Review

2016 Senseo Philips Original Coffee Maker

Senseo Philips New and Improved Original Coffee Pod, Coffee Maker Machine

This is the new and upgraded 2016 model Senseo single serve coffee maker by Philips Electronics that works with coffee pods, with new features like a more modern design and premium appearance, a new boiler that heats water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit for warmer cups of coffee without burning it, automatic shut-off in half an hour, push to stop functionality and a more durable build being tested thousands of times for both operation efficiency and sturdiness. You will get your fresh and hot gourmet level coffee with a single touch of a button in just under sixty seconds using coffee pods with the mild pressure brewing system of 1.2 bars (zero of drip brewers and 9+ of espresso machines)- water is heated quickly and pushed through and equally distributed onto the pre-measured coffee pods and there is a frothing chamber along the way which creates the beautiful light coffee layer. The advantage of using these pods is you will not have to worry about the amount of coffee to put in and you are promised a fresh and tasty brew every single time- consistently without much hassle and is much easier to clean once you’re done as the water tank, coffee spout, drip tray, two pod holders and the cup tray are all safe to be placed in dishwasher. You will not find any cups included in the package but any cups will do, preferably 4 ounce or 8 ounce cups.

Senseo Philips New and Improved Original Coffee Maker Machine

Senseo Coffee Maker has a round base and a curved cylinder shape overall and two pod holders, a deep one and a more shallow one: Deeper filter for two x 4 ounce cups of coffee or a large 8 ounce cup and shallow for a single 4 ounce cup. First you fill the reservoir with water up to the max line (you can make five x 4-ounce cups of coffee with this amount of water), insert the coffee pods of your choice, lock the lid, press the on and off button and select the single cup button on the left or two cup button on the right. You will need to get 100% biodegradable Senseo coffee pods (a variety of high quality Douwe Egberts blends- European coffee brand with 2.5 centuries of history) separately and better with the purchase of this unit on The flavour and texture with a frothy layer on top are really good every single time as it is the result of 7 years of R & D. Raven black Senseo has a sleek and modern appearance (weighs 4.8 lbs and measures 13.5 x 12 x 8.5 inches), is very easy to use, works fast, makes great tasting gourmet coffee with a frothy layer- crème on top (not from milk but from pressure), is super easy to clean, is customisable as you can select the 1 or 2 cup buttons and stop it at any time to make it as weak or strong as you want, allows the use of refillable filters- you have the speed, quality, efficiency and convenience at a low price. It is offered with a year of warranty by Philips for when anything does not go as planned.

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