Spärkel Beverage System Soda Maker Review

Spärkel Beverage System Soda Maker

Spärkel Beverage System

Spärkel Beverage System is  a number one hot new release soda maker that is promoted as the only sparkling beverage- soda maker that does not need a CO2 cylinder to operate. It is offered in black, metallic red, pink and seafoam (light blue green) colors, with black 20 dollars cheaper at the time of this product review.

You can sparkle different types of beverages with the brand new Spärkel Beverage System including spirits, wine, tea, herbal tea, fruit, water and other stuff. And it will probably make you drink more water etc. (more fun) and keep hydrated. It is very easy to order the Spärkel carbonators online without paying any extra shipping costs. You won’t need to refill anything at the shops and there is no empty tanks to return when you order the new carbonators.

The Spärkel brand carbonators (A+B) create the optimal amount of CO2 to sparkle a full 750ml or 25.4 ounce size Spärkel bottle. Please make sure enough bubbles go into the bottle when you press the Start button. If you don’t see any or very few bubbles going in you need to push the bottle down hard. You will fix the problem right at the beginning before it does the whole cycle. Spärkel appears to offer the ideal way for you to have with lots of bubbles and great flavors and taste infused into your bottle without using any CO2 tanks or special syrups or artificial flavoring.

You will be in total control of the ingredients that go into your sparkling beverage. You will also be able to control the level of carbonation and sparkles in your drink. There are 5 levels for different tastes, between a light fizz or serious amount of bubbles. In the box, you will get a reusable bottle and 10 carbonators. The way it works is, Spärkel Carbonator (made of a special concentration of citric acid and baking soda) and water are mixed together in a sealed chamber to generate CO2, then the bottle is pressurized up to 80 PSI by the system and the flavors are squeezed into your drink.

Please note that the carbonation is held better in the cold liquid than in warm liquid. It is best to use filtered water in this soda maker as the carbonation may produce the chemical and mineral taste in liquids. Please email the customer service on help@sparkel.com if you encounter any issues like no bubble production. The carbonated Spärkel Beverage System Soda Maker Carbonatorsbeverage will be bubbly for up to 4 days if you never open the bottle. And once you open it, the duration will be the same as any soda bought at the shops.

The taste you achieve will very much rely on the quality of the water you use. And if you use filtered water it won’t be much different to the bottled drinks at the shops. Spärkel Beverage System weighs 9.83 pounds and measures 10 x 5.7 x 15 inches. It holds the UL certification in North America and uses 120V of voltage for use in the US and Canada. The  Spärkel Soda Maker is a very good quality product that is very easy to operate. And it will make you and your kids have healthier sparkled drinks without any artificial ingredients or syrups. This is a great little unit to have if you are a fan of bubbly drinks.  We are more than happy to recommend it at the current price at Amazon.com.

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