SPT SD-9263SS Stainless Steel Portable Dishwasher Review

SPT SD-9263SS Stainless Steel Portable Dishwasher 

SPT SD-9263SS Portable dishwasher

Stainless steel SPT SD-9263SS is an Energy Star rated 18-inch size portable dishwasher with 1000W power (120V) and a modern design. It first appeared at Amazon.com in December 2019, can only be shipped within the United States and is not suitable for shipping internationally. It is currently ranking number one among portable dishwashers on the website.

It is easy on the eyes with its stainless steel interior and exterior, weighs 114 pounds and measures 23.63D x 17.64W x 35.63H inches to fit in different size home kitchens. The depth is 46.5 inches with the door fully open. This 18-inch portable dishwasher has an 8-place setting and offers powerful cleaning with a water consumption between 2.6 and 5 gallons. It works at 52 decibels of noise level, which is less than the average dishwasher noise.

In the box you’ll get the SPT SD-9263SS Dishwasher, a faucet adapter and a drain hose. The full panel control console has 5 buttons for different options and programs available. The 6 wash programs available on this dishwashing appliance are Normal, Rapid, Glass, Heavy, Eco and 90 Min, depending on what you or your family needs at the time. There is a Rinse Aid Warning Indicator, which is basically the refill reminder on rinse aid. You can program it to start running at a later time with the Time Delay Feature between 1 and 24 hours.

The faucet adapter is good for a quick and easy connection. It is nice not needing permanent installation or direct plumbing. the dishwasher will get the dirty, excess water out through the drain hose. It is spacious inside with the 8 regular place settings for washing and rinsing quite a few dishes and cutlery. There is SPT SD-9263SS Portable Dishwasher Interior an automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser. The faucet adapter included fits the regular sizeAerator opening for female and male connections. If your kitchen faucet has a detachable aerator it can easily hook up the faucet adapter.

The upper rack on this dishwasher is adjustable to be able to fit in larger pots or plates. The drying system in the SPT Dishwasher is the residual heat drying. Error Alarm function shows the fault codes to guide you through what may be wrong with the operation of the dishwasher. The estimated annual electricity use is specified as 265 kWh with an annual energy cost of 25 dollars when used with a natural gas or 35 dollars with an electric water heater. With its beautiful design in stainless steel it could make a very nice addition to any kitchen. It looks good and does the job well, not using up much electricity. So you have a decent dishwasher that offers a great energy/cost efficient dish washing all year.

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