Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5612 Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5612 Magnetic Rower

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5612 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5612 is a hot new release magnetic resistance, double function rowing machine with stand-up bicep curls / upright rows and as a late 2016 model rower it is offered with a special intro price tag. It has very solid anti-slip handles that look basic but feel comfy and nicely padded seat that offer you great support, comfort and security with the foot straps that are easily adjustable. There is a functional LCD display that shows the calories burned, time, count (number of strokes), total count and scan that switches between these indicators every 6 seconds. It weighs almost 60 pounds with dimensions of 86 x 19 x 28 inches so it is not really light in weight but with the transport wheels underneath at the front you can carry it within your house- relocate and store it. With a sturdy stainless steel frame and good quality components it can have a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. It is easy to assemble out of the box as you’ll find the clear instructions and tools needed and once you’re done you can start exercising pretty quickly. First thing you’ll notice is it runs rather smoothly and quietly (magnetic is quieter than air), with varying levels of difficulty so you can change the resistance (good difference between level 1 and 8) within the same workout and it can easily be compared to some of the flashy rowing machines you may see at the gyms, it looks and feels as good. You will not only work your back on this but your shoulders and arms as well by doing exercises like upright rows and resisted bicep curls thanks to the two function large foot plates.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5612 Magnetic Rower

The fact that it sits lower than a lot of those gym rowers is probably a good thing for people with joint or mobility problems, has a less complicated or more simple LCD display and it uses a solid fabric strap rather than chain, which you’ll see when you’re pulling the handles. The highest resistance level is not so hard to row with but you’ll notice after 10-15 minutes of rowing you will feel like you’ve done some heavy workout. It doesn’t have a foldable design and will require a bit of effort to maneuver despite the transportation wheels but it is all part of the calorie burning game, the more you move and push or pull stuff the more calories you will burn. It is nothing like the lower priced / budget previous model Sunny Rower you may be familiar with and has magnetic resistance rather than hydraulic that you’ll see in competing models at this price range and both the large seat and footrests are up to the standard for your comfort and security during lengthy workouts. There are no pre-set programs and you need to change the resistance manually through the knob in the middle unlike the very expensive models, which should be OK. This is a perfect rowing machine without the extra bells and whistles, for an average user at home as it does the job just fine and it will hold well with its sturdy construction. Sunny Health & Fitness is based in Los Angeles, California and has been in the fitness equipment business for more than ten years, by importing great quality products from a variety of high end distributors in Taiwan and China so it can offer the best quality possible for such competitive prices.

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