SUPER DEAL Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine with Spinner, SD190115 Review

SUPER DEAL Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine with Spinner 

SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Washing Machine

Super Deal SD190115 is a mini twin tub 2-in-1 washing machine that is made up of a washer and a spinner and comes with a drain hose and a gravity drain pump. The average customer rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars by 893 users at the time of this product review for this popular compact washer spinner.

It is claimed to be the lightest and the smallest on the market and is very easy to set up as you just connect it to the faucet in your kitchen and start using straight away. Despite its compact size the washer section has a 5.5 lb. capacity and the spinner section has the 4.4 lbs. It is quite an efficiently running compact machine that washes and spin dries your clothes and gets them clean very quickly and without damaging them.

You are allowed to run the both sides- washing and spinning simultaneously or just wait for the washer to finish and transfer the clothes to the spinner. You have the time adjustments for the washer– 15 minutes and the spinner- 5 minutes. With the True Rinse Technology it promises better rinsing without using unneeded amounts of water and adding to your water bills. It offers two deep rinses on each cycle of Standard, Drain or Soft. The maximum level of water means the tub is full up to the top.

It is very easy to operate as you just put your dirty clothes in, fill with some water, set the timer and start washing. You can use whatever laundry detergent or softeners you prefer. Liquids, powders, pods or tablets are all OK in this machine. It is made of very dense and sturdy plastic and comes with an aluminium pump and a modern upgraded motor. It is designed to be used for many long years. It is compact and SD190115 super deal compact washer spinnerlightweight and easy to move around and has a space saving design. You can use it in small apartments, motor homes, dorms, RV’s and camping trips. It is ideal for limited spaces and can easily be fitted in your bathroom or closet to get it out of the way.

If the filter trap is full you pull it all the way up, invert it and clean the trapped stuff and put it back in for reusing. You can easily wash a fitted and flat sheet with a couple of pillow cases or add an extra bed sheet or 10-12 adult t-shirts. But it will wash better if you don’t put too much stuff in. And we would be a little more careful with a smaller washing machine with a smaller motor. This compact washer spinner makes very little noise, much less than a standard washing machine. It will make more noise when it is harder to move them. It is suitable for use in North America and uses a regular 110V US plug. You need a water source and a drain for it to operate and if you keep a drain hose up you wouldn’t lose any water.

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