Tonze Smart Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot, Slow Cooker DGD12-12EG and DGD22-22EG Review

Tonze Smart Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot via Amazon

Tonze Smart Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot DGD22-22EG, Slow Cooker

Tonze DGD12-12EG (or DGD22-22EG) is a smart micro computer controlled ceramic electric pot that is specially designed as a slow cooker and mainly for tasty stews and includes one big inner pot and two small pots and the DGD22 model includes three small pots. Both models are 110V to 120V cookers as they is sold to customers in United States. The way it works is it cooks your valuable ingredients evenly and gently without altering the original texture (thanks to the ceramic inner pot), taste and nutritional value and without burning or sticking to the sides. It includes different security features for overall more reliable and better use including dry heating and overheating prevention mechanism. You can make three different meals at the same time in three pots provided. It can be used for stewing, making soup and yogurt and steaming and it has an easy to manage and read digital LCD panel with preset menus, easy time settings, keep-warm and auto shut-off functions. With this special slow cooking method you’re giving your ingredients more than enough time to blend nicely and reach the ideal levels of flavours and texture and you may find yourself eating out and heating up frozen meals less because of how easy making delicious and healthy home made meals will become.

Tonze Smart Ceramic Pot Electric Stewpot Slow Cooker

Tonze Slow Cooker weighs 12.8 pounds and has a 3.3 liter capacity inside in its 304 stainless steel interior that can be directly used as a cooking pot and a 2.2 liter capacity ceramic pot, two small pots of 0.65L each and an internal steamer for your convenience. Although it cooks slowly it makes the cooking process easier with the way it works if you are a busy professional or have to dedicate more time to other things in life. What you do is prepare and put the ingredients in the pot from the previous evening, shut the lid properly, turn the cooker on and set the timer (time up and down for arranging the cooking time) and your meals will cook slowly and nicely with the timer counting down and if you started the process in the morning before going to work, dinner will be ready when you get home from work and you don’t have to worry about overcooking as it automatically moves over to keep warm mode at the end and it will stay at that optimal temperature for serving. It is a very nice looking cooker with a stainless steel exterior and great quality ceramic pots that you can cook different meals simultaneously and with its water sealed structure healthy nutrients will stay in and with gentle fire cooking nutrition will be fully released, lock moisture and keep dust and bacteria out- all helping your meals being healthier. You can watch the cooking process through the see-through lid if you wish to stop the cooking process before the set time.

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