TruContain Containment Mat (Gray) for Snow, Mud and Rain (7Ft 9In x 18Ft) Review

TruContain Containment Mat for Snow, Mud, and Rain

TruContain Containment Mat

TruContain Containment Mat is a brand new release, modern, functional and easy to use the product for garage floors, that can be installed very quickly as it doesn’t require any assembly. It is made of a heavier and thicker Polyester Scrim fabric that makes the mat even tougher and stronger, has a smart design and looks attractive in darker gray (unlike the common black color on the other brand mats). TruContain is a major brand when it comes to containment mats and it seems to be better than the other brands and is probably the most recommended mat we’ve seen so far. It has quite a special design with a light texture on the surface so you can clean it easily and the seams are underneath. The strong containment edge is 1.25 inch thick and is made up of 1.18-inch foam and a 23oz PVC infused fabric with very high-quality heat welding, both of which contribute to a solid and flexible containment edge. The welds are to be found under the mat rather than on it, so the welds are protected better and the mat looks nicer this way. 

TruContain Containment Mat- Gray

The item we’re reviewing has the measurements of 7Ft 9In x 18Ft and weighs 24.3 lbs, and you can also get it in three other sizes of 7Ft 9In x 16Ft, 9Ft x 20Ft and 9Ft x 22Ft. It will help keep your garage floors nice, clean and dry and is easy to store by simply folding and rolling just like a sleeping bag. The main concerns pointed out by the customers on is the hardship of laying the mat flat on the surface as it was cramped in the box that it was shipped in. And one of the customers used a stretcher system to flatten it, and we’re not sure if this is a common problem for all TruContain mats shipped. But it does the job very well of containing the liquids from the bottom and the sides of your car nicely. So it is a product we highly recommend, and TruContain appears to be a very good value for money containment mat. It is shipped quickly and free of charge via and a squeegee head attachment is included in the package with every mat sold. It is offered with one year of limited warranty by the manufacturer (90-day warranty on some of the other well known / good quality brands despite having a similar price) that includes a money back guarantee for 30 days and a discounted exchange when repairs are needed out of warranty.

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