Whirlpool Commercial Version Water Cooler 217LIECH-SSF-WL Review

Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler via Amazon

Whirlpool Commercial Version Water Cooler 217LIECH-SSF-WL

Whirlpool 217LIECH-SSF-WL is a commercial grade reliable water cooler that offers icy cold water at 40 degrees Fahrenheit for drinking and steaming hot water in the range of 183°F to 195°F for tea, instant coffee, and instant soup. And both are kept at the specified cold and hot temperatures at all times, given that the most common complaint with water dispensers is that they are not able to keep the water hot or cold enough.

The solid commercial level construction with water faucets engineered to not break off easily with normal use, a sturdy steel frame and cold rolled steel sides that can carry more than 300 pounds of weight at the top. And high-grade stainless steel water dispenser will deliver hot and cold water at optimal temperatures consistently with direct chill- the unique ice forming system and a patented hot water system for a nicely brewed cup of tea. It is built to last longer (many years of heavy use) as the thermostat and compressor cycle at a fraction of the time others do with the proprietary cooling and as an Energy Star qualified unit that will not consume a lot of energy and will save you on your bills.

Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler 217LIECH-SSF-WL

Whirlpool 217LIECH Water Cooler is suitable for use with both 3 gallon and 5-gallon bottles and water flows very fast and is actually claimed to have one of the fastest flow rates in water cooler industry, with water filling at roughly 100 ounces per minute. 40 degrees of very cold water, which is about 9 degrees colder than other units, is achieved by a big block of ice formed in the water reservoir.

It is quite a nice looking water cooler in black and silver with a stainless steel front with curves on the sides so you can see the stainless steel from different angles- great for both the kitchen in your home or your office, weighs 27 pounds and with measurements of 11.3 x 10.8 x 36 inches. It doesn’t have storage section at the bottom like some of the other more expensive Whirlpool models, including the 2175IECHK-SSF-D-ST-WL.

It comes with a piercing needle at the top where you place the water bottle, that will puncture the bottle cap and includes is an important safety feature for toddlers, a Resource Saver switch at the rear which can be turned off when you’re not using it. It is built very solid and durable and is able to deliver very cold water at 40 degrees F consistently which would be its most significant feature while many other similar units can only offer 50 degrees, so what you have here is a great quality water cooler at a reasonable price.

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