X-MAG CRAZYFLAT-01 Vibration Platform Review

X-MAG Vibration Platform, CRAZYFLAT-01

X-MAG Whole Body Vibration Fitness

X-MAG CRAZYFLAT-01 is a modern vibration platform for the whole body as it includes two straps to help work on your upper body as well. It is easy to operate with the clear instructions in the box, as you step on the very good quality anti-slip mat on the solid plastic base.

X-Mag Vibration Plate is designed to help relieve fatigue, increase blood flow, enhance balance, activate your body, burn calories, reduce fat, lose weight, strengthen muscles, relax muscles, activate joints, sooth and rehabilitate post injury muscles, relieve stress and stay healthy overall.

It has a sturdy build, a very sleek, slim and modern 2017 design with an anti-slip rubber surface. There are four suction cups underneath to help attach the vibration unit to the floor to keep it stable and also help reduce the noise it can make. You can adjust the height of the vibration plate easily and keep it balanced with the retractable foot.

The LED display shows the speed, time and fat scan. You’ll find the Power On/Off button, Model, Time-, Time+, Speed- and Speed+ buttons around the displays. It comes with a few preset exercise programs to help with slimming with the fat scan. You have a total of 4 adjustable settings, three of which are controlled by the system- automatic time and speed and the last one is the user adjusted- customizable setting.

X-MAG Whole Body Vibration Plate

It can be a nice addition to your daily workout routine at home and you’re promised to get results with only ten minutes per day.  Like with any vibration plate or platform, we do think you need to eat well and do a conventional form of exercise- cardiovascular or strength training regularly to get the best results. So as an exercise unit this is more like a great additional unit rather than the main weight loss or muscle building product.

With the 3D mode, you will feel like you’re surfing and the 3 different effects will make it as intense as running, jogging or walking and this will depend on where you put your feet on the vibration plate. The way it works is the intense vibration help contract muscles and give a decent exercise to your body. There is a remote control so you don’t need to use the buttons on the platform each time you want to change settings.

X-Mag CRAZYFLAT-01 is a compact vibration platform that weighs 40 pounds and measures 25.6 x 15.8 x 5.5 inches overall with a 21 x 14 inch top section. So it can be easily relocated and stored anywhere. It has a 200-watt motor ( 90 – 240V Voltage and 0 – 10 MM amplitude) and 20 levels of speed.  If you think you have certain conditions that can be affected by the use of a vibration plate, it is best that you consult a health care professional before using this product.

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