XtremepowerUS High-Pressure Triple Basket Deep Fryer 35 inch Height Review

XtremepowerUS Triple Basket Deep Fryer via Amazon

XtremepowerUS High-Pressure Triple Basket Deep Fryer

Black matte XtremepowerUS is a recent release 35 inch tall triple basket deep fryer with high pressure, designed for outdoors use in camping or cooking in your backyard or anywhere outdoors. It is a very well built fryer being made of stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium, weighs 48 pounds and measures 25 x 14 x 35 inches, is easy to use and comes with three stainless steel cooking baskets for different kinds of foods, a 10 psi regulator and CSA listed gas hose, has an ergonomic design and is easy to transport and store as the legs are removable. As a large and high capacity fryer it can handle a lot of foods for large events and if you’re running a business that has a lot of customers that order fries throughout the day, this can certainly handle the demand and you can comfortably use it several times a week. Stainless steel holds the heat well and if you won’t be using it for a bit or if you need to pause, you can turn it off and the oil will stay at a stable warm temperature for quite some time.

XtremepowerUS High Pressure Triple Basket Deep Fryer

You can comfortably and easily cook chicken, fish, onion rings, French fries, cheese curds and other stuff for your parties in your backyard or in picnics and is great for frying multiple ingredients simultaneously as both sides have their own temperature settings (no waiting for frying a single item at a time). It is able to heat up the oil very fast and is capable of cooking for quite some time, cooking time is short with very little heat loss during cooking, the end result is pretty good, with fried foods not soggy or greasy and is easy to clean once you’re done. It includes two burners and gets the heat for frying from the two cast iron LP gas burners with high BTU and fuel type is specified as propane. The large basket on the left could have a lifted or longer handle like the small ones so you could remove it easier as it can get pretty hot in there and on the handles. It is not sent to your address assembled and will require easy assembly, feels quite sturdy overall with a stable construction- yes you can find better frying units on the market but they also cost heaps more and this one seems to be very good value for how much it costs and will work great for cooking for a small or large group of people and you’ll be pleased with its overall performance.

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