Akonza Athletics Fitness Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment and Weight Holder Exercise Station Review

Akonza Power Rack Exercise Station with Lat Pull Attachment

Akonza Athletics Fitness Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

Akonza Athletics Power Rack is a solid and sturdy resistance training unit made of 12-gauge steel and includes a lat pull attachment to help you work your back, biceps and triceps and acts as a great versatile machine for a variety of exercises. With Akonza Power Rack you can enjoy a good range of shoulder motion with the built-in lat pull down by loading different plate weights depending on your needs or how strong you feel on the day. You will find four plate storage pegs that are 8 inches long each at the back of the unit so you can get to your plates easily to do your lat pull-downs or bench presses or other resistance / strength related exercises. There are a total of 17 different positions between 17.5 and 68 inches of height and the front main frame, also being solid and sturdy can also be used as a chin-up bar conveniently while also offering structural support. The Akonza Power Rack is both a robust and a flexible unit that can be considered as an all in one workout station and by having a few things in one place you will certainly be using your time and energy efficiently.

Akonza Athletics Fitness Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment and Weight Holder Exercise

Overall it can carry a maximum total weight of 700 pounds and will let you do a variety of exercises including bench press, lat pull downs, chin-ups, squats, upright rows, seated rows, curls and more. There is a low row pulley and foam cross bar for your rows and curls and a squat rack with the two safety bars that are adjustable to different heights. You will find both the internal and external supports for the bench press- inside the rack and the exterior rack frame of the power rack station. Maximum weight you can load on the lat pull section is 250 pounds and each of the bar holders can carry a total of 500 pounds. Akonza Power Rack weighs 50 pounds when put together, which is certainly not difficult to do if you have someone else helping you with the assembly, it measures 51 x 63.6 x 85 inches overall and the interior section is 43.5 x 44 x 85 inches, so with a bit over 2.1 meters of height you don’t need very high ceilings. In the box you will get the Power Rack Station, a low row bar, a lat bar, the instructions manual and a tools / hardware set. Overall it seems to offer more than how much it costs and it is a product we would recommend. *This product we’re reviewing is not available at the time of this review, please have a look at the alternative versatile Akanzo and other brands through the links on this page.

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