Della Beverage Center Compact Built-In Cooler Mini Refrigerator 048-GM-48314 Review

Della 048-GM-48314 Compact Fridge

Della Beverage Center Compact Built-In Cooler Mini Refrigerator

Black Della 048-GM-48314 is a mini fridge / a compact beverage center with an efficient compressor, a 1.6 cubic feet capacity and a reversible door. It is suitable for use in small kitchens of small flats, rec rooms, TV rooms, bars, restaurants, dorm rooms or wherever you need cold drinks as it is quite portable. The door hinge can be adjusted both ways to easily to open to the left or right, whatever your needs are. It doesn’t require any installation when you take it out of the box and can be placed anywhere there is a power outlet. It is easy to operate with a simple on and off button and a knob for adjusting temperature. The two racks easily slide out so you can make up space for larger items and customize the available space. This is a small cooling unit so most people would probably think of it as an additional cooler for their water, soda, beer cans or bottles and you could easily use it for your parties, entertaining your guests. It can get as cold as 39 degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty good for those refreshingly cold beverages whenever you want them, especially on those hot days. Temperature range is between 39 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the efficient compressor- 0.63oz R600A refrigerant ensures optimum temperature for your soda or beer and is promoted as performing better than competitors.

Della Beverage Center Compact Built-In Cooler Mini Fridge

Black Della Beverage Center has a nice design, weighs 42 pounds and measures 17.75 x 18.5 x 19.75 inches- takes up very little space. In the box you will get the Della Compact Fridge, two detachable shelves and a user manual. There is no assembly needed but like with any compressor type cooling units it is a good idea to let it settle for 12 to 24 hours as the oils may have leaked during the shipping. Although it makes a bit of noise only when the motor is on- doing the cycles, this is not more than what a regular compact fridge and is actually light humming. The best thing about it is it does the job well with a nicely functioning 85 watt motor (115V/60Hz and 0.8 amperes). It is specifically designed for beverages although you can keep food too, unlike the regular mini fridges that have beverage storage usually in the doors. This one also has a glass door unlike a normal fridge and interior lighting so you can see your cans or bottles clearly without having to open the door, which would make the compressor come on earlier. The difference between the Della and a typical wine cooler is a wine cooler doesn’t get to as low temperatures as this one and you shouldn’t really store your wines at such low temps you get with this unit. As a UL listed product it meets a range of security requirements, being out on the market after being tested inspected and certified thoroughly. Good value cooling unit that we recommend!

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