Apollo Fitness Full Body Vibration Platform

Vibration Machine by Apollo Fitness


Apollo Fitness Vibration Platform is a 2016 release, modern model with a 1.25hp motor and 0-30Hz frequency, designed for relaxation, weight loss, muscle toning and strengthening in the comfort of your home by dedicating only 10 to 15 minutes per day to observe results. Some of the claimed benefits include the enhanced blood circulation in your body, toning and strengthening of muscles, weight and calorie loss without causing any joint pain that you may encounter with some of the active exercise methods (due to low impact and less effort nature of vibration plates as compared to regular exercise methods), improving your flexibility and strengthening and toning around your abdominal section and pelvic floor (especially for the post-natal), muscle functioning, muscle rejuvenation, stabilising ligaments and joints, massaging and relaxing your body, helping with bone density, enhanced posture, balance and coordination (for older adults). Each of these benefits will vary for each individual and will depend on how you incorporate it into your workout program and how good your diet is. You will certainly get a certain degree of benefits but you really can’t expect the miracles claimed by the manufacturers. 


It is simple to operate and suitable for use by younger and older people of different ages or whatever their fitness level and experience with vibration platforms may be. You have the resistance bands that you see on photos on the product page to help you get a proper whole body workout and includes a remote control to let you change modes and a multi-functional LCD display panel. It is offered in oval, square and butterfly shapes, has the anti-static and anti-jamming functionalities, a strengthened double steel frame that contributes to the overall durability and the maximum user weight it can carry is 331 pounds. There aren’t many customer reviews online as this is a relatively recent release product but a couple of them that we see are positive, with claims that this vibration platform feels like the very expensive ones that they had at their gym and they are actually seeing good results- toned butts and legs, and the fact that this is so easy to use, which is awesome for those that don’t like exercising. They can simply use it every day while they’re watching their favourite TV shows. Apollo Fitness offers great quality, well designed, advanced and innovative fitness products at reasonable prices (manufacturer selling directly to you with no middlemen involved), that also come with a money back guarantee, but they are designed to last many long years anyway.

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