Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler A4BLWTRCLR Review

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler with 3 Temperature Spouts

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler A4BLWTRCLR, With 3 Temperature spouts

Avalon A4BLWTRCLR is a new release stainless steel water cooler with a bottom loading design with a cabinet that holds both 3 and 5 gallon bottles and the water is pumped upwards quickly from bottle into the main unit with an advanced pumping technology. It is suitable for both homes and offices, looks nice in black and silver, has a modern, classy and sleek design with an innovative stainless steel cabinet (without the ugly bottles sitting around but hidden inside the cabinet), weighs 45 pounds and measures 45.5 x 16.3 x 15.8 inches. There is no assembly required and it is easy to operate after putting the 3 or 5 gallon water bottle behind the door and inserting the tube feed, includes three water temperature spouts, child security lock on the hot water spout and an integrated nightlight which can be turned on through the rear of the cooler for the spouts to be seen easily in the dark so it will be easier to fill your glass with water at night. As you may have guessed the 3 temp spouts are for very cold, room temperature and very hot water, is easy to operate as you simply press one of the three push buttons at the front which seems very convenient as the water will start flowing through the spout underneath that button immediately. Child security lock is necessary here as the hot water is seriously hot- at a good temperature to make nice and hot coffee, tea, cocoa, instant soup or noodles- hot enough to quickly dissolve the mix, at about 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler A4BLWTRCLR, With 3 Temperature spouts and Child Safety Lock

Cold water is crisp and ice cold thanks to the powerful and efficient compressor so you will not need to add ice into your drink even on those hot summer days. Avalon Water Cooler is very simple to operate, you do not need to wait for cold or hot water as it works very quickly, empty bottle indicator will tell you with a light at the front when you should change the water bottle and there is an integrated capture tray to catch drops. Avalon has some decent quality water coolers and both the top loading and this bottom loading one prove to be problem free but the advantage of getting this one over a top loading one is it is naturally harder for a high percentage of customers to put a heavy five-gallon water bottle on the top. You need to take simple precautions when using this unit like not leaning the unit for more than 40-50 degrees when carrying or putting down but it is quite well balanced to be carried even with a 5 gallon bottle inside- bottom loading makes it heavier at the bottom and more stable. Do not fill these bottles with tap water as it may cause deposit accumulation inside so always get fresh bottles of water to replace the empty ones. Like with other compressor type refrigerant units you’re better off resting the unit for 24 hours or so for the compressor to settle before you turn it on and start using it. You will find switches for hot water and night light at the rear and you may want to keep them off if you’re not using them for a while so that it saves on energy. Keep it on a level floor for it to run at its best capacity and you will hear a light buzzing when it is cooling the water. Please also note that this is an Energy Star qualified water cooler that is also UL listed for safety and you just need to refer to the user manual for the other info.

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