Ball FreshTech 1440035018 Harvest Pro Sauce Maker Review

Ball FreshTech 1440035018 Harvest Pro Sauce Maker 

Ball FreshTech 1440035018 Harvest Pro Sauce Maker

Gray and black Ball FreshTech 1440035018 Harvest Pro is the new practical, quiet and easy to use, simple and versatile sauce maker with a powerful and high performance motor and optimal torque (as the latest FreshTech small appliance) to help you make fresh, home made, ready to eat dips, spreads, soups, salsas, condiments, ketchup, tomato sauce, Pico de Gallo, barbeque sauce, apple sauce, baby foods, fruit butters and more from your garden fresh veggies and fruits and especially from tomatoes easily and conveniently. It runs quietly without making much noise and comes with two different screens- the regular for sauces and purees and the coarse for chunky sauces, an extra large feeder so you won’t need as much prep work for your fruits and veggies, a very big auger, single step UniLock System (simple to assemble and disassemble), silicone wiper to increase yield by decreasing clogging and properly covered splash guard to avoid splatters and mess. Oversized chute is 2.5 inches in size- the largest you can have so that it meets UL Standards of Safety and you can run it on any surface in your kitchen as long as it is near a power outlet.

Ball FreshTech Harvest Pro Sauce Maker

Ball FreshTech Harvest Pro Sauce Maker weighs 9.8 pounds and measures 20.2 x 9.4 x 13.2 inches- is compact in size with a small footprint and will not occupy a lot of your countertop and you can lift it and store it easily as it is fairly lightweight but also appears quite solid and durable. It is made of materials that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and any part that is in contact with ingredients is BPA-free. You can slice your tomatoes in quarters and place them on top easily and make 15 quarts of tomato puree in just about 20 minutes. Other features include the large-nesting hopper, lock ring to operate without cover, an integrated cord pocket to help reduce clutter on your countertop. A tamper and a screen cleaning brush are also included in the package as well as an Instructions Manual and a Recipe Guide to help you make your own sauces, salsas, spreads, soups, baby foods and all of the above. With 132 years of history The Ball Brothers Jarden Home Brands is very well known for their great quality products in home food preservation like canning jars and canning sets to help customers preserve their garden fresh produce.

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