BANGSON Portable Mini 17.6 lb. Twin Tub Washer and Spin Dryer Review

BANGSON Portable Mini 17.6 lb. Twin Tub Washer & Spin Dryer

BANGSON Portable Washing Machine 17.6 lbs

White and black BANGSON BSTW001 is a compact and portable mini washing machine with a top loading style, 17.6lb capacity in its twin tubs for washing and spin drying in your small apartment bathrooms, dorms, RVs and on camping.

It has a timer control and you can choose from one of the 3 wash modes of Soft, Normal or Drain and has the soaking function. You have the human interface input dials for selecting the program you want and time for the washer and spinner. The maximum spin speed is 1700rpm on this washing machine and with the 120V of voltage you can plug it into any power outlet. The spin function will get your clothes ready for drying quicker. There is a mesh filter inside that catches most of the lint from your clothes.

White and black Bangson Mini Washing Machine weighs 28 pounds and has the measurements of 25.6L x 14.2W x 28.8H inches. The 17.6 pound total capacity is allocated as 11.6 pounds for the washer and 6.6 pounds for the spin dryer. The approximate washing capacity is for 3 to 5 jackets, 7 to 8 jeans or 20 to 25 shirts in a single load. It has a compact and space saving design to fit in small spaces in apartments, RVs, on camping trips or wherever you don’t have a lot of space. And you can move it around easily due to its lightweight.

The 1700rpm powerful motor will clean the dirt properly off your clothes at high speeds. You can detach and clean the filter of this washing machine easily, which is good for the simple maintenance over time and the tub will not accumulate dirt easily. This compact washer is easy to operate as you choose from one of the 3 wash modes and time of 35 minutes, which is equal to 15 mins of washing and 20mins of soaking. So you get a niceBANGSON Portable Washing Machine 17.6 lbs Twin Tub and deep laundry. You won’t really have any difficulties with the drainage either with the upgraded 32-inch long draining pipe.

This washer with an upgraded design comes with a 59-inch inlet pipe, a 32-inch drain pipe and a 78.7-inch extended power cord for you to reach the power socket easily and you can install it quickly and with a bit more flexibility. The clamp that is included in the box will make the 59″ inlet pipe fit the different faucets. The inner tub is made of the solid PP plastic and you can use it for washing your baby clothes. Despite the washing power it doesn’t make a lot of noise and runs relatively quietly. You may message the post-sales customer service team whenever you want and they will get back to you potentially with a solution within 24 hours. The date it has first become available is April 28, 2021.

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