Brio CL700 Hot, Cold & Room Temp Bottom Load Dispenser Electric Cooler Review

Brio CL700 Bottom Load Dispenser Electric Cooler 


Brio CL700 (B01LZERI04) Bottom Load Electric Water Dispenser and Cooler will give you cold, hot and room temperature water with the touch of a button (three settings of temperature for easy customization) with the help of an efficient compressor.

Hot is very hot, cold is crisp cold and room temperature is just around the regular 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Bottom loading is easier to handle than the top loading units as you won’t have to lift heavy water bottles and there will be no splashing or spilling.

You will not get the bottle included in the package but you can purchase 3 or 5-gallon water bottles as the unit will work just fine with both. There is a convenient child security lock just on the hot water spout so you will not have to worry about having your small kids near it as the risk of accidents/burns is eliminated, and the buttons are located a bit high for your little ones to reach. The water will stay cooler longer thanks to the stainless steel water tanks that also ensure better taste and purity- fresh and nice tasting and healthy water.

The optimal water temperature, whether hot, cold or room temperature is provided by the compressor that operates quietly and efficiently. It is suitable for use at the office, home or wherever you want and has a sleek and modern design, will not look out of space in your office or home. Brio BL700 weighs 20 pounds without the water bottle and measures 13.5 x 12.5 x 40 inches, with its sleek design it will not take up much space as it will fit easily in any corner of your house.

It is easy to operate with just three buttons and the digital display panel that shows the status indicators and the stainless steel is easy to clean when you need to. It will help you when you’re making a cold beverage or a hot coffee or tea, instant soup or noodles and you need hot or cold water straight away. Brio CL700 is built solid and durable with decent quality components and is built to last you a long time of use by many people. Please just make sure you read the instructions carefully prior to plugging it in and start using it, familiarize yourself with operation and security, but is mostly common sense to set up and use.

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