CellarCool CX3300 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Review

CellarCool CX3300 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

CellarCool CX3300 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

CellarCool CX3300 is a brand new 2017 release wine cellar cooler with up to a 650 cu. ft. capacity, that is sold by Wine Racks America on Amazon.com. It is a great new product that provides the optimal environment and the best temperatures for preserving and maturing your wines.

It is quite sturdy, functional and easy to operate for such a a budget priced wine cellar cooling product. CellarCool CX3300 is inspected thoroughly before going out on the market so that you- the consumers get a very reliable and durable product that will last many years to come without giving you headaches.

The capacity is specified as 650 cubic feet, which means this great cooling system supports areas of 650 cu. ft. It is designed to fit between the regular wall studs- installed through the wall. With the mounting brackets provided as well, it is very simple to install on your own or with the help of another person. You will not even need a support shelf thanks to the flange at the back.

It offers a temperature differential of 30 degrees Fahrenheit. What this means is the temperature of the exhaust section shouldn’t go over 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
You will benefit from the the optimal humidity levels between 50 and 70 percent and the wine cellar temperatures between 55 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit with the accurate measurement of the air temperature.

CellarCool CX3300 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

So you are guaranteed the best environment possible, for the protection, preservation and aging. You will find that it has a solid and durable exterior and looks rather stylish and modern. It includes a cutting edge digital controller with the anti-frost feature and system safety management.

As a heavy duty product it weighs 76 pounds and measures 19.75 x 14.25 x 21.63 inches. CellarCool CX3300 is designed as a very easy to maintain and economical wine cellar cooling product that works with 115 Volts – 60 Hz and 5 amperes. It includes some high tech features like the latest air sensors and the condensate evaporator, a drain line, very robust heavy-duty coils, special design high angle fans, and great air flow circulation.

This new model replaces the Wine Mate (HZD) and Breezeaire (WKL) wine cellar cooling units, as a great substitute. But please note that it will need enough space on both sides of where you install it. Exhaust and cellar location should be considered if you need the fan and the compressor run quietly. It needs proper insulation for keeping a precise temperature in your wine cellar.

It is offered with two years of parts and labor and five years of compressor warranty by the manufacturer and great customer support when you need it. In the box you will find the CellarCool CX3300 Wine Cellar Cooler, a user manual, two-year manufacturer warranty and a kit that includes flanges, insulation, drain line and screws. With a low price tag, it appears to be a great value product.

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