COMFEE 1.6 Cu.ft, 11lb. Capacity Fully Automatic Compact Portable Washing Machine Review

COMFEE 1.6 Cu.ft, 11lb. Capacity Automatic Washing Machine

COMFEE 1.6 Cu.ft Portable Washing Machine

Magnetic gray COMFEE (CLV16N2AMG) is a 1.6 cubic feet compact and portable, fully automatic washing machine with an 11 lb. washing capacity, 6 wash programs and a drain pump. This number one new release laundry washer is suitable for use in small apartments, RVs and camping.

You’ll find the 6 basic, most common programs of quick, normal, delicate, bulky, heavy and spin only. So you can choose one of these programs to start the washing quickly. You have the “Extra Rinse” button to add an extra rinse time. With the water level (large, medium, small) and temperature (hot, warm, cold) selection options you have some flexibility for your different laundry needs.

You can see the washing progress through the clear lid on this top loading washer. You will also see the remaining time of your washing on the LED display. This compact washer has a space saving design with the measurements of 20.7W x 20.3D x 36.6H inches (with a 70.5 lb. weight), which makes it to be moved around and stored easily. It has the wheels underneath and handles on the sides to be transported in your house. You can easily fit it in your bathroom, RV or dorm room.

It has a stainless steel inner tub that proves sturdier than solid plastic. The high quality modern motor is sturdy and durable, offers stable power and energy efficiency consuming up to 84% less than the similar models. There is a Child Lock option that lets you freeze the whole control panel for you to prevent your kids from playing with it. The way you do it is you press the Temp and Program buttons at the same time for three seconds and it will be locked. And you do the same to be able to unlock the panel options.

The Delay Start function lets you start the washing at a later set time after you put your clothes to be washed in. This way you will not have to rewash them because of a potential smell. You also do not need to stop the washing completely when you have to add more washing. You just press the Start/Pause button for three seconds and add your laundry in. The maximum spin speed is 700rpm on this laundry washer which is enough to get your clothes fairly dry. The noise level is 62 decibels COMFEE 1.6 Cu.ft Portable Washing Machine 11 lb. Full Automaticwhich is normal for washers of this size. The annual consumption of energy is 63 kilowatt_hours.

It is connected to a water line and comes with a drain pump. You’ll get two water inlet hoses and a converter in the box. The exterior is solid plastic and the interior is stainless steel. You just connect the hose to a faucet with the quick adapter included, connect the drain hose securely to a sink of your choice in your house, plug the washer in and press Start. Please note that the default setting is cold water, medium load and normal washing program. It holds the Department of Energy- DOE certificate that shows how much energy consumed under the national average, by up to 84% less. If it doesn’t feel safe to go into a laundromat and want your own little washing spinning set-up in your bathroom, then this one is worth considering.

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