DELLA Portable Electric Ice Maker Machine 048-GM-48185 Review

DELLA Portable Electric Ice Maker via Amazon

DELLA Portable Electric Ice Maker Machine

DELLA 048-GM-48185 is a new release electric ice maker with 26 pounds of bullet ice cubes per day- over 24 hours to offer you a steady ice supply especially when you’re entertaining family and friends. Silver Della has a pretty design, looks good in silver- silver cabinet and top and see-through window, weighs 21 pounds and measures 14.5 x 9.8 x 12.8 inches- portable as it is compact and not heavy so you can use it comfortably if you have a small kitchen or take it on your boat or RV or use it at restaurants or bars, and it will work at any spot indoors or outdoors with a power outlet and is suitable for use every day. It has Add Water, Ice Full, Power, S, L lighted indicators and On/Off and Select buttons. You can make ice in just about 6 minutes with two choices for ice size as S and L indicate small and large and both sizes are ideal for use in frozen drinks and smoothies. Add Water indicator simply means you need to add water as the water level in 2.3 quart capacity reservoir is low and Empty Ice indicator means you need to empty the ice bucket so the unit can continue creating more ice.

DELLA Portable Electric Ice Maker

Della Ice Maker has ETL, CSA- Canadian Standards Association, UL- Underwriters Laboratories certifications all of which are approval stamps that indicate they pass rigorous standards of safety. When you take it out of its box you will find the main unit- Della Countertop Ice Maker, Ice Scoop and a User Manual. You won’t need to set up anything and will only plug it into a power outlet, add some drinking water and get fresh ready-to-serve ice in just about six minutes (6 minute operating cycle and 9 pieces of bullet ice cubes each time). It comes with a properly insulated built-in storage bin that can hold up to 1.5 pounds of ice at a time. Buttons and indicators on the control panel are very straightforward and easy to understand, you just press the On/Off button and select the ice size and you can monitor the ice making progress and check the ice level through the transparent window. Remember this is not a freezer despite having an insulated storage bin and is not designed for long-term ice storing and ice will start melting after a while if you don’t remove it out of the unit but does not go soft and wet straight away like on similar ice units. It has a 230 watt power motor and work on 115V of voltage with 60Hz of frequency.

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