Dual Motor 1500W Professional Vibration Plate Review

Dual Motor 1500W Professional Vibration Plate

Professional Dual Motor 1500W Full Body Vibration Plate

This is a high-end professional level vibration platform offered by SDI Deals and WP Fitness, with two motors of 3 horsepower 1500 watts of high power. It is claimed to offer a variety of health benefits including massaging your whole body and relaxing your muscles, improving the blood circulation, and increasing the strength of your muscles and bone density.

The 1500 watt (110V, 60Hz- designed for use in the US and Canada) motors are upgraded and very good quality and offer a total of 120-speed settings (60 speeds for each one). Despite the motors being quite powerful, they are surprisingly quiet. It has an advanced high-tech electronic control panel with lots of red and blue lights that add to the nice appearance of this vibration plate and also make it easier to interact with.

It can be used for a variety of exercise/fitness, therapeutic and relaxation reasons. You will find the exercise arm straps included in the package and you may conveniently use them for upper body workouts. The larger than normal footplate (27 x 20 inches) has an anti-slip rubber mat on top so there is no slipping or accidents during your vibration sessions. As a high-end unit, it offers you both the triangular oscillation and tri-planer vibration. The G-force is rated as 2.8 – 17.24 Gs, the frequency is 5Hz-15Hz for the oscillation and 15-40Hz for the vibration, and the amplitude is 0-10mm for the former and 2mm. for the latter.

Professional Dual Motor 1500W Full Body Vibration Platform

It has an impressive total user weight capacity of 400 pounds, which should cover almost all adults, also being made of solid steel without any plastic. In the box, you will get the large vibration platform with the accessories, power cable, user guide with basic info and any tools you may need. It will need to be assembled but should not take more than half an hour. It includes the leveling legs underneath so you can set it on any floor and will feel balanced. As a very heavy-duty product, it weighs 135 pounds, with a 400 lb.user weight capacity and the vibration plate measures 27 x 20 inches.

If you have sore muscles and joints, they will feel relaxed and better overall. It will help reduce pain, improve your mobility and even affect your sore neck in a positive way. It is nice to have the instructions in the box but that is mainly for putting it together and other simple operation information. But it doesn’t really tell you how to exercise on it or how you can benefit. Please refer to the plenty of information available on the internet. Warranty offered is two years by the distributor and is a good backup for the quality of the product. As expensive as it may seem, this is a very good quality product offered at a price much lower than how much it is worth.

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