Empava KQP65B-14-220V Tempered Glass Electric Built-In Single Wall Oven Review

Empava KQP65B-14-220V Electric Built-In Oven

Empava KQP65B-14-220V Tempered Glass Electric Built-In Single Wall Oven

Empava KQP65B-14-220V is a “Made in USA” 2.3 cubic feet capacity built-in style, electric, single wall, stainless steel oven with a tempered glass. It can be used for grilling, broiling and as a convection oven. The 2800 watt power motor has the 220 Volts voltage and 30amps and you’ll get the electrical hard wiring that can be converted to a 3-prong plug. It has a very stylish front stainless steel control panel with three dials – push buttons.

The internal reservoir is made of enamel and very easy to clean. With the convenient very bright interior light you can easily see what’s going on inside through the large window. The child security function ensures your kids can’t open the lid and burn themselves. It comes with the forced cooling exhaust feature as a great security feature to also protect you from accidents and does not need ventilation.

Stainless steel Empava oven has a rather contemporary design, weighs 64 pounds, measures 23.43 x 23.43 x 22.64 inches (cut-out measurements of 22.24 x 23.23 x 22.44 inches) with an 18 x 13 x 16” interior and also can be installed under the counter. Being an A-class power efficient unit it will save you on power usage and bills. It is very easy to use and you have a total of 6 cooking functions with mechanical control.

Empava KQP65B-14-220V Tempered Glass Electric Built-In Single Wall Oven

As a “Made in USA” electric oven, it is designed and created in, is built very sturdily with the best internal and external components and offers high performance. You’re getting a lot of value for how much you’re paying for this Empava Oven. It is very easy on the eyes with its beautiful and convenient design, which also makes cleaning easy. It runs very well and cooks your meals evenly, but is a good idea to pre-heat the oven quickly in the convection setting.

If you hear the fan running at full speed after you turn it off, do not worry as it is just for cooling the interior. It is suitable for use every day by you and anyone in your family. You will be able to make beautiful main and side meals, desserts, cakes, and cookies, without using too much energy (A-class energy saver). You just need to work out the images on the dials and if they don’t make sense, please just look at the user manual. Overall it is quite a good value product with functionality, ease of use, versatility, build quality and beautiful design.

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