FEIERDUN Adjustable Sit Up, Slant Board/Ab Bench with Replaceable Leather Cover Review

FEIERDUN Adjustable Sit Up, Slant Board/Ab Bench

FEIERDUN Workout Abdominal Adjustable Sit Up Bench

Feierdun Slant Board is an adjustable sit up – ab bench that is very solid and sturdy with a 550 lb. total user weight capacity. It is a versatile multi-functional bench that can be used for stretching, push-ups, sit-ups, abdominals, and legs. And it is a great unit to own for working on your abs- core section and upper body.

The slant board ab bench is offered in black and blue colors, whichever you fancy. It comes with a PU leather cover that you can replace easily when needed. The way you replace the leather cover is you take out the velcro strips to put the new cover in the color of your choice.

The height is adjustable up to five levels, between 24.8 and 33.1 inches. The flat incline on the bench supports your back and spine properly, as it is also very nicely cushioned. This is especially good for covering the hollow part of your lower back which can potentially cause injuries in some cases. It is very comfy and safe and will help decrease the straining risk greatly.

FEIERDUN Abdominal Adjustable Sit Up Bench

It includes the anti-slip handles with dense foam padding that are both comfortable and safe as they keep your legs and ankles stay put and safe during your session. It is designed to help strengthen and shape your abs, chest, hips, arms, and back.

Feierdun Slant Board is a very robust product with a steel frame and plenty of support underneath so the weight capacity is specified as 550 pounds. You can feel totally safe on its thickened steel pipe and triangular stable steel structure and the anti-shaking design. Doing sit-ups on this rather than on an exercise mat on the floor is a lot easier and better for your back. It is stable at all times and would not tilt to the left or right easily.

It folds up nicely as you remove the support screw at the top at about 6 to 8 inches wide with the legs going inward by the tension released. It becomes almost flat for relocation and storage purposes as it will not occupy much space at all. You have the assisted stretch rope and the manganese steel spring booster for assisted sit-ups. You can do your push-ups by using the push-up handles underneath the bench. In the box, you have the slant board ab bench, instructions for assembly and tools necessary (15 mins or so to assemble) as well as the lifetime warranty. This is a very solid and durable product at a fair price.

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