FIXMSV Mini Washing Machine, 12.34lb. Portable Washer & Dryer, H-001-1 Review

FIXMSV 12.34lb. Mini Washing Machine

FIXMSV Mini Washer

FIXMSV Mini Washing Machine (H-001-1) is a portable washer and a dryer combo with the washing (7.94lb.) and dewatering (4.4lb.) sub-barrels for a total of 12.34 pound capacity. It is very easy to operate by anyone, including kids or the senior adults.

FIXMSV Mini Washer is a powerful machine and washes an spin dries your clothes properly but does not move around when in operation as it comes with the anti-slip pad at the bottom, making it feel more stable. It comes with an extended, very long 6.6 feet drain pipe to make the draining easier for you. But this does not change the modern look of this washing machine, other than giving you a bit more flexibility for the placement.

It is a compact washer dryer that doesn’t occupy much space, with the measurements of 23.6 x 22 x 13.7 inches and weight of 24.7 pounds. 7.94-pound washing capacity is more or less equal to two pairs of jeans, 6 baby clothes, 3 dresses and 5 t-shirts. So it can accommodate quite a bit for its small size. It comes with a convenient wire storage tray at the rear, the water injection nozzle + pipe and a drain pipe and you will find a user manual for a proper operation.

FIXMSV Mini 12.34lb. Portable Washer

Please make sure the packing foam is removed before use, please do not put it on a surface with water at the bottom and do not overload the washer as this may push and overwork the motor and motor idling may happen. This is the case if the machine does not rotate, or if it is still rotating you will hear the belt sound like something is not right. Please decrease your washing load straight away or this overloading will reduce the life of your machine.

The spinner section spins very quickly even when it is full inside and gets your clothes ready for drying. It does not make a lot of noise during the operation and what you’ll hear is less than an average washing machine, so just a gentle noise. It washes quite a bit of your clothes and spin dries them, making your life a little easier. You can use it in your home bathroom, dorm room, balcony, RV or wherever you want. It first became available on March 3, 2021 and is ranked as one of the better selling, popular portable clothes washing machine. You can contact their customer service team in case of any problems or issues and they shall get back to you within 24 hours.

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