KoolerThings Automatic Self-Cleaning Ice Maker with Handle Review

KoolerThings Self-Cleaning Ice Maker

KoolerThings Automatic Self-Cleaning Ice Maker

KoolerThings Ice Maker is a hot new release, counter top style, compact and portable, automatic electric cooling unit with the self cleaning feature. It comes with a handle to make it easier for you to carry it around and an ice basket and a scoop as bonus accessories.

You’ll get 9 bullet shaped ice cubes in just 7 minutes with this brand new modern ice maker machine. And it has a standard total ice making capacity of roughly 26 pounds in 24 hours.  As a number one new release best selling ice maker in appliances it offers a smart, stylish, efficient, functional and affordable solution to your daily ice needs. Despite having a compact size it is quite a powerful ice machine that produces quite a bit of ice.

You will not be likely to run out of ice or keep going to the stores and pay for ice. It will save you on money, time and effort. The way it works is you just fill the water reservoir, press the On button and choose from two ice sizes of Small or Large. And the ice cubes will get deposited into the ice basket. It is very easy to clean with the self-cleaning function. With a weight of 17.26 pounds, a 9″ width and 12″ height it will fit on any counter top easily and can be moved around by holding its carrying handle.

KoolerThings Ice Machine makes nice bullet shaped ice cubes that melt slowly and evenly to chill your beverages quickly. It also works quietly overall and the only time you will hear a bit of noise is when the ice maker is dropping the ice cubes into KoolerThings Automatic Self-Cleaning Ice Machinethe ice basket. The ice cubes it makes are not hard like in some other machines, but crunchy and chewable and will improve the taste of your beverages.

Bullet shape is more popular than the square shape in the US and Europe and will chill your beverages evenly and not hurt your mouth when you try to chew it. As an energy efficient model it doesn’t use up much electricity. The bonus accessories you get with your purchase, the ice scoop is for removing and transferring the ice from the machine into your drinks or to the ice basket (second accessory) and to your fridge freezer.

There is a large transparent window at the top for you to view the ice making process and the contents without needing to open the lid. You can use this great little ice maker in your home or office kitchen, dorms, home bars, outdoor and indoor parties and more. Overall we think that it is a great little ice maker machine with a sleek and modern appearance and that does the job very well. We reckon it is pretty good value for the dollar, especially at the current price at Amazon.com. And please contact the seller or the Amazon customer support for the warranty information.

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