Modic Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine Review

Modic Fitness Vibration Platform

modic fitness vibration platform

This is a hot new release vibration platform by Modic Fitness on with an upgraded design and a dynamic oscillating motion technology. It is designed as an exercise/fitness machine for the whole body and a variety of other purposes. In the box, you will get the Modic Fitness Vibration Platform, the balance straps (resistance bands) to work on your upper body and a remote control.

It is designed to help you lose weight and burn calories by increasing metabolism, strengthen muscles and improve muscle tone, keep you in shape, improve flexibility, enhance blood circulation in your body, increase your bone mineral density, give you a better range of motion, help with quicker recovery post-workout, improve your general health and well-being and even fight cellulite.

This is a passive kind of an exercise machine that works partly by increasing your heart rate and metabolism. But for best results in weight loss and muscle toning, you need to see it as an additional workout to your regular routine at the gym and should be accompanied by a healthy eating plan. And by using this platform in addition to your regular workout, you will see results much faster than without.

You can actually use it in a wide range of exercises, targeting different parts of your body, including your calves, thighs, buttocks, abdominals, triceps, biceps, chest and shoulders. The powerful oscillation motion vibrations will do most of the work for you while you’re actually feeling that it is helping you modic vibration plateburn calories. It is very easy to use as all you need to do is get on it and press the Start button and set the speed from level 1 to 20, starting at a lower level.

It is also good for athletes’ professional sports training as well as for those beginners that are just starting out with any form of exercise. You may remember those “fat jiggler” vibration bands that were used mostly by housewives. They kind of have a similar principle to the brand new vibration platforms but the latter is proven to work in different studies.

The resistance bands that come in the box help make this an overall body workout. You can compare the bands to 5 to 10 lb. barbells, so you have a small amount of resistance here. You can start with simple arm curls while in a standing position and try out different exercises. It is nice to have a remote as it will make your life easier by not making you bend over each time you want to change the settings. You would actually need to get off the machine as you would not be able to bend over when the machine is vibrating.

This is a decent entry level vibration platform with a compact size, offering versatility, functionality, and durability if taken good care of. And it seems to be worth having a look if you wish to try out this more passive form of exercise. Satisfaction is guaranteed with this compact vibration platform, which means you can get your money back within 30 days if you’re not satisfied for whatever reason.

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