NexHT Fitness Body Shape Vibration Platform Review

NexHT Fitness Body Shape Vibration Platform

NexHT Fitness Body Shape Vibration Platform

NexHT 89011A is a modern vibration platform with a 1.5 horsepower motor, triangular oscillation and 99 levels of speed for a whole body massage, fitness purposes and to help improve your health. It creates high-frequency vibrations for burning calories and fat, losing weight, toning and strengthening muscles, improving blood circulation and flexibility and reducing cellulite. The way it works is the high-frequency vibrations it creates causes your muscles to contract automatically, giving you the benefits of conventional exercise. It includes resistance bands/yoga straps to help you work on your upper body and arms and a remote controller for you to control time and speed easily and conveniently.

NexHT is fairly compact in size and lightweight, weighs 30.5 pounds and can carry a maximum user weight of 330 pounds as a solid unit and measures 14.7 x 26.3 x 5.1 inches- you can use it wherever you want, relocate and store it easily. You will see a red backlit LCD display panel that shows time and speed, with buttons for Power on, Auto mode, Start, Stop, Speed -, Speed +, Time – and Time+.  It is easy to set up and use and ten minutes on it is claimed to be as effective as swimming and yoga for half an hour, jogging for an hour or 300 crunches. We’re not sure if this is quite accurate and we focus more on its massage and light fitness benefits and think that it should be combined with a proper activity or exercise routine and eating healthy. But it will certainly enhance the benefits you get from a variety of exercises if you choose to do them on the vibration platform. These exercises include lunges, squats, lunges with bands, bicep curls, sit-ups, push-ups, triceps dips and bridge on one leg.

NexHT Fitness Body Shape Vibration Platform 89011A

You shouldn’t use it more than twenty minutes per day and the best is between ten to twenty minutes. It is mostly common sense but is a good idea to go through the clear and easy to read instructions manual prior to first use. Please do not put your knees on the pad and do not stamp on it, to avoid any potential injuries. Do not touch it with wet hands and keep your kids and pets away from it. If you are pregnant, obese or suffer from joint or any health problems you may think can be relevant, you should ask your health professional. You have a 1.5 HP motor with 200W consumption, 110-120 V voltage, 50~60/Hz frequency and 0~0.4inch amplitude. 89006A Black, 89007A White, 89008A White and 89009A Wine Red are the other model numbers you will see on the product page as the variations of NexHT 89011A vibration plate. In the package, you’ll find the main vibration platform, resistance bands, remote control and the user manual as well as one year warranty.

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