Paramount 8oz Popcorn Maker Machine P801R, P801B and P801N Review

Paramount 8oz Popcorn Maker P801 via Amazon

Paramount 8oz Popcorn Maker Machine P801R

Here is the new upgraded 8 oz capacity, high performance, attractive and solid, deluxe tabletop (without cart) popcorn making machine with an 860 watt power motor (110 volt standard outlet) and new features by Paramount that can be used with four different sizes of popcorn ingredient packets of 2.5oz, 4oz, 6oz, or 8oz. It has a heavy duty steel frame and thick tempered glass walls (up to five times stronger than untreated glass), beautiful antique design for a nice decoration, is offered in three nice colours of red, black and blue, has a multiple colour LED illumination with remote that can be used as a nightlight and includes another regular white warming bulb which you can use after removing the LED light, weighs 34 pounds and with overall exterior measurements of 24H x 17W x 14D inches and 15 x 12 inch base machine dimensions. It includes the brand new hot oil kettle, kettle lid and stirrer and the kettle is quite easy to clean and the stirrer, lid and the kettle support brackets are easy to remove without needing any additional tools which also help with the easier cleaning of the machine. The stainless steel removable and rotational hot oil kettle operates with quiet integrated electric stirring.

Paramount 8oz Popcorn Making Machine P801

In the box you will find the heated warming deck with extra heating element integrated into the base, 4 operation control buttons of kettle, stirring motor, heat bar and LED lights from right to left, two glass doors, removable tilting metal tray door, big plastic popcorn tub that is dishwasher safe, removable unpopped kernel filter, detachable metal crumb tray, 5 flat bottom and 5 pinch serving bags and scoop and you may also get the matching smaller popcorn serving bags and tubs additionally, so you get everything you need except for the corn to pop or other ingredients you may add. Do not purchase it for very high volume corn popping as the overall physical size is limited and does not include the card but just the popcorn machine. Any type of oil and corn can be used in this unit but the pre-measured packs will make things easier for you. Tempered glass walls are great and are easily removable for easy cleaning- cheaper brand popcorn units will have plastic walls instead. Stainless steel kettle is not safe to be put in dishwasher nor should be immersed in water but all the other detachable parts are dishwasher safe. Some assembly is required as it is sent unassembled but you can easily do it in less than half an hour. It is an ETL approved great quality product, includes lifetime limited warranty and instruction manual included is more than adequate and tells you about the measurements of corn and oil if you buy them separately.

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