Royal Cave 72 Bottles Digital Wine Cellar, RW-183A Review

Royal Cave RW-183A, 72-Bottle Digital Wine Cellar

Royal Cave 72 Bottles Digital Wine Cellar

Royal Cave RW-138A is a 138 liter or 72-bottle capacity top of the range wine cellar as part of the Royal Oak series with a sturdy American redwood cabinet and racks and a convenient digital display panel. It will help keep your fine wine bottles very well preserved and age beautifully, with precise and consistent temperature and humidity levels. Royal Cave is a very beautiful looking wine chiller, is great in American red oak and a bronze European handle with a mahogany finish weighs 128 pounds and measures 28 x 26 x 41 inches.

It comes with Whirlpool’s Embraco compressor that is UL listed which means it meets the nationally recognized standards of safety. And as a very efficient compressor with 85 watts of power (110 Volts of voltage), it provides a great environment with a precise and consistent temperature. It has the ball bearing sliding rail for the trays so they can slide out easily to give you a direct access to all your bottles at the back. It comes with the conveniently adjustable Euro pine wooden shelves so you can move them up and down to accommodate different sized bottles. With the smart computer-based Humidity and Air Circulatory Control system, you can choose between a humidity range of 58 to 78 percent.

Royal Cave 72 Bottles Digital Wine Cellar racks

The temperature is adjustable between 41 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. So you will enjoy the very precise, stable and uniform temperature and humidity level with the extra humidity being moved out of the cabinet automatically. There is the Humidity Display and Temperature Display, as well as the On/Off, C/F, LED light connected to the inner LED stripe, + and – buttons for temperature and humidity, Humidity/Temp changing button and De-fog button.

There will be no ultraviolet damage to your precious wine collection thanks to the dual hollow tempered and oak framed glass doors. You may normally experience fogging because of the cold and hot air differences between the air inside and outside. There will hardly be any vibrations due to the advanced compressor operation with the damping spring isolation of 4 groups. The ventilation is regenerated constantly, leaving the interior with fresh air at all times. Please note that the 72-bottle capacity is for the standard sized bottles and this will be less with the oddly shaped or larger bottles. Not a cheap product at all but you are getting what you pay for.

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