Sansone SA0015-1L Stainless Steel NSF Certified Fusti Water Cooler Review

Sansone SA0015-1L Stainless Steel Fusti Water Cooler


Sansone SA0015-1L is a 15-liter capacity, stylish and modern, all stainless steel fusti water cooler with a lever spigot, a gasket, an airtight screw lid and handles on both sides. NSF stands for National Sanitary Foundation and being an NSF certified unit it conforms to public health and safety standards. It looks and feels just like the ones you’d see in commercial kitchens, very beautiful in all stainless steel which is probably one of the main reasons you’d want to have a fusti in your kitchen, weighs 5.2 pounds with the dimensions of  11 x 11 x 12.2 inches. There is a 1/2 inch lever spigot that dispenses just the right amount of water you require and you can detach it easily to clean with simple detergent and rinse under running tap water. Stainless steel used on this fusti water cooler is the finest 18/10 Italian Sansone Rustproof stainless steel available on the market, that is subjected to the strictest quality control measures. And the TIG- Tungsten Inert Gas welding is used on all joints to achieve the nicest and smoothest exterior and interior so there is no matter accumulation. 


So make no mistake, and do not confuse this fusti with the cheaply made units that can have food particles accumulation, which can present health hazards with contamination. The total weight of the unit will depend on what size fusti you’ll purchase (please check the product page) and you just have 8.34 pounds for each gallon of water plus the weight of the stainless steel container. Handles are on both sides and are built into the unit nicely but please still be careful when you’re lifting this unit when full of water. It is safe to be cleaned in a dishwasher as it is all durable metal- stainless steel, just be careful with the rubber ring on the spigot, remove that and the spigot. You can put milk in it and store in the fridge and also things like balsamic vinegar and olive oil- the original purpose of fustis. It is easy to lift with the handles, is easy to install, has a sturdy and high-quality construction, looks and feels premium, has a well-functioning spigot with water coming out fast till it is completely empty, the top lid is easy to take on and off and is especially recommended for health conscious individuals. You will find different size options, with and without spigot, with stand and you can purchase the lever spigot, pouring spout and/or single bottle.

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