Simple Living Products Family Size Air Fryer, SL-AF-01 XL Review

Simple Living SL-AF-01 XL Air Fryer

Simple Living Products SL-AF-01 5L Air Fryer

Simple Living SL-AF-01 5L is a January 2017 release family size XL air fryer with a 5 liter capacity for tasty and healthy fried foods by cooking your ingredients with superheated rapid air circulation technology without any or very little oil but with exactly the same taste. It includes free accessories- a nonstick food basket, a layered rack and a divider to cook different items simultaneously along with a recipe book for you to make great practical meals- bake, roast, grill and air fry. You will be using about 80% less oil than deep fried which means 80% fewer calories and you will still get to have your crispy fried foods without carrying any guilt.

You’ll find 7 preset settings you can choose from on the easy to use control panel so you don’t have to guess anything to cook each ingredient at the right temperature and time settings. It has a built-in smart chip that manages the operation and shuts off the cooker automatically when the set time is up so there is no burning or overcooking. It will turn itself off automatically when you pull out the basket when it is running and it will restart when you push the basket back in. With the hot air circulation inside the cooker, the juices and fats will drip through the basket, then these fats and juices will rise back into the ingredients during the rapid air frying and they will be coated nicely for a great crisp exterior and soft interior by the very quickly circulating hot air. If you may have noticed you do not need to add any additional oil for this air frying process as the natural fats and oils will be extracted prior to air-frying.

Simple Living SL-AF-01 5L Air Fryer

Black and silver Simple Living Air Fryer is modern and sleek and feels very well-made, weighs 12.6 pounds and measures 12.5 x 12.5 x 14 inches, is a bit heavy and large with a 5L capacity and the basket can be a little heavy too at first. The exterior of the air fryer is not hot to touch, just warm and will not heat up your kitchen especially in summer. Large 5L cooking capacity means you can cook for your whole family and make two completely different meals at the same time by using the divider. It includes anti-slip feet and will not move during the operation and with the also handy auto shut-off function, you do not need to worry about security. One thing to be careful with is it cooks rapidly and you may want to be careful with not leaving the ingredients in for too long, as it is quite a powerful unit that gets the job done efficiently in a short period of time. It is offered with a year of limited warranty by the manufacturer which also includes a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product for whatever reason.

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