Stamina ATS 1403 Air Rowing Machine Review

Stamina ATS 1403 Air Rowing Machine

Stamina ATS 1403 Air Rower

Stamina ATS 1403 is a modern 2017 release air rower with wind resistance- air transfer system. It can handle continuous tough use just fine and will let you row smoothly as part of a low impact cardio, strength and endurance building exercise session. It is designed to target different muscles on your body, not just your arms or back, but will also involve your legs, glutes, and abdominals.

There is a multi-functional and easy to read LCD panel with time, distance, calories, and speed. It has the large foot plates with adjustable nylon straps for both comfort and security. The handles are nicely padded and comfortable to hold and with the textured grips, they will not slip especially during the longer workouts. The level of resistance is totally up to how fast/hard or slow you pull it- as you change your rowing stroke speed. It will keep your feet and hands in place and stable during the different rowing phases. The large seat rail is angled and supports the seat is upholstered and padded.

Stamina 1403 weighs 54 pounds with a 250 lb. maximum user weight capacity, has a foldable frame and measures 48 x 18 x 22 inches as folded. And you can take it somewhere convenient on its built-in transport wheels. It will need to be assembled and measures 77 x 18 x 22 inches when assembled, taking up little space (shouldn’t take more than twenty to thirty minutes with the clear instructions). It has the floor protectors that will protect your workout area and prevent scratches or any damage to your wooden floors.

Stamina ATS 1403 Air Rowing MachineBeing a low-impact type of workout it will not affect your knees and joints badly. Rowing is a great exercise you can do at home or gym, that will help your burn calories and fat efficiently as it will elevate your heart rate and increase the metabolic rate. You’ll get a great aerobic and strength workout without any bad impact on your joints. This is a solid and sturdy rowing machine for a decent low-impact workout and that will last for many years of tough use.

It doesn’t feel like it would fall apart so easily. But being a low-cost, budget-friendly machine, it doesn’t come with the bells and whistles you may find in some of the expensive commercial grade rowers at your gym. The pulley strap is one inch wide strong nylon that glides smoothly and feels durable. You can just row when you’re watching your favorite TV show and time will pass quickly and this is obviously better than just sitting down or lying on the couch. You will get a warranty of 90 days on the parts and three years on the frame, along with a great customer service.

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